The 420 Art Competition

Let’s be honest. For us, 420 is a holiday that means more to our community and customers because it belongs to our community and customers. This one is ours; it brings us together to celebrate one slice of our lives we really just enjoy. The 420 Art Competition celebrates the people behind the holiday; you guys!

At all of our locations, we have some diehard regulars that really bring a lot to their local shop. We’ve gotten to know them, and we figured out very early on that we have some incredibly talented artists that incorporate the cannabis lifestyle not just into their artwork but into the creative process itself. 

To celebrate our talented pals and the holidays that brings all of us together, we’re holding the first annual 420 Art Competition! Share your 420-inspired art with us and you could win a $50 gift card, with second picking up $30 and third place pocketing a tidy $20, too. 

The rules? There ain’t many. It needs to be deliverable in an audio, video or image file before April 15 to give our panel of experts time to pick our winners. That means original songs, films, animations, drawings, or graphic files; go crazy! Please limit video and music to three minutes. 
Sound good? Email a link or the file itself to and get ready to celebrate cannabis, art, and talented people!