CBD And Adventurers: Move More

There are few things as rewarding and relaxing as a session after work. For those who play hard, too, CBD has become a go-to for adventures and athletes looking for a natural way to unwind and recover.  Michigan is known for being an active state; days on the water, hikes in the woods, plus excellent […]

Pandemic Cannabis Boom

The past year has presented plenty of challenges, but it’s also led to an unprecedented boom in the cannabis industry. It’s been said that the pandemic didn’t change the future, but accelerated change; in the world of bud, that’s been an interesting look at where cannabis is headed and where we can still go.  It’s […]

The 420 Art Competition

Let’s be honest. For us, 420 is a holiday that means more to our community and customers because it belongs to our community and customers. This one is ours; it brings us together to celebrate one slice of our lives we really just enjoy. The 420 Art Competition celebrates the people behind the holiday; you guys! […]