Edibles And You: An Instructional Guide

Not all edibles are the same. We often hear how some people get hit hard with edibles, while others have almost no effect from that special cookie or brownie. So, what gives? There are a few things that affect how much of an high edibles offer, plus the ultimate variable: you. 

Edibles offer a convenient and no-smoke alternative to smoking weed. For a lot of people, especially those of us with kids, edibles like baked goods and gummies make a quick hit a lot easier and a lot lower profile in our daily lives. But for some, edibles just don’t work. There are a few possible explanations for this. 

First, the slightly obvious one: you’re not using enough weed. Take a look at the dosage you’re working with and slowly up the oil or butter in your recipe. And yeah, take it easy on the increase; you may have a golden limit that goes from zero to “Where am I?” and you’ll want to be careful as you search for that threshold. 

It’s also important to see what kind of weed you’re working with and determine if that’s what’s up. Different strains affect people differently, as do different levels or ratios of CBD and THC. The wrong ratio, especially in edibles, can change your experience. 

Maybe the biggest variable here isn’t the weed, but you. A lot of people who don’t get much of an experience out of edibles simply metabolize THC too quickly. Smoking, vaping, and taking tinctures deliver THC directly into your bloodstream, which is why you feel the effect much more quickly. Edibles take a while; they’re digested like anything else and it can take an hour or more for the THC to reach your liver, where it’s broken down. If THC isn’t metabolized efficiently, it can lower the effect, and if you get nothing out of edibles, your body may not metabolize THC at all. 

Sometimes the best way to have a positive experience with edibles is to eat more food. Taking an edible on an empty stomach may help the THC be metabolism more quickly, it can also change how it affects your high; eating and drinking before you snack that cookie can slow the process and let your body tackle the THC a bit more smoothly. 

Finally, the bad news. For some folks, edibles just don’t work. That’s a bit disappointing to hear, because we’re big fans of edibles and take a lot of pride in what we offer, but because everyone processes food, liquids, and THC differently, which means some folks are just out of luck. \

It’s always worth chatting with someone at Dunegrass Co. about edibles and exploring other ways get the most out of your high and finding the right ratios. 

Gotta favorite edible recipe? Let us know!