Pandemic Cannabis Boom

The past year has presented plenty of challenges, but it’s also led to an unprecedented boom in the cannabis industry. It’s been said that the pandemic didn’t change the future, but accelerated change; in the world of bud, that’s been an interesting look at where cannabis is headed and where we can still go. 

It’s been well-documented that the rise of lockdown and coronavirus restrictions changed myriad habits. With individuals and families spending more time at home than ever, it’s created a new demand for high-quality cannabis products and new ways to offer customer safe, contactless access. 

Over the past year, America is higher than ever. According to one study, Americans spent approximately 71% more on cannabis products in 2020 than they did in pre-pandemic 2019. While data on use increase per person in the US is a little grainy, a Canadian study found that at least one-third of cannabis customers used more in the first year of the pandemic, and for a variety of reasons. Unsurprisingly, 64% cited increased stress or anxiety from the crisis was the main factor behind their increased use. 

Cannabis is growing as an industry, but just as important, it’s changing its image in the eyes of the wider culture. Long tainted with a negative stigma, it’s wider acceptance as a viable recreational and medicinal option has led to a wave of legalization measures, which now make it a legal substance in 15 states and the District of Columbia, with New York pushing to approve a revamped recreational program as soon as this summer. 

In many of these states, pandemic guidelines that loosened alcohol sales for restaurants have also helped change how customers make their purchases. Local delivery and curbside pick-up have offered a convenient and safe way for customers to get their cannabis products from a safe, regulated, and high-quality supplier. The move away from illegal sources is good for the industry and that renewed emphasis on safety is a trend that’s expected to continue even when things get back to something like normal. 

Quality, safe, and convenient access, a commodity-like attitude, and widespread acceptance were always coming to cannabis, but the past year has pushed things well ahead of schedule. Has your cannabis use increased during the pandemic, and why? Let us know!