Keeping Kids Safe

In the countless city meetings I have attended on behalf of Dunegrass I have heard every possible idea about how to protect our kids from the perceived ills of marijuana at public comment. Very few of the comments are aware that the regulatory framework this industry is built on has comprehensive and robust safety mechanisms to protect our kids. Let alone the idea that the companies trying to open up shop are not selling dime bags on the street corner, these are sophisticated, well financed and well ran organizations.

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To start, I have two young children, I understand the need for caution and safety. I also understand that a well-regulated industry with high barriers of entry weeds out bad actors. We have uniformed testing guidelines to assure quality, labeling requirements to ensure transparency, secure transport so safely move products around the state and marketing restrictions and childproof packaging to protect our children. Most municipalities ask for business plans during the application process that covers these areas and countless more. 

The state mandates that every package that leaves our facility be in a child proof container. Every individual product needs to have a label attached speaking to thc content, testing, dosageing, onset time, strain information and warnings. I never bought a dime bag growing up with the number to poison control. The package also cant feature cartoons or any imagery that would entice a minor. 

Recreational marijuana is illegal in the hands of anyone less than 21. It is to our benefit, as an industry, to do everything in our power to keep marijuana products out of the hands of minors. Who knows, it may even change one angry public comment.

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