Tourism Drives Michigan. Cannabis Can Help.

Michigan has a number of thriving industries, but let’s be honest; tourism is one of the most important. Cannabis can support tourism and tourism can support cannabis. We’re already seeing that relationship take place. 

We’re biased, but Michigan is the best state in the union. Our lakes, rivers, and charming communities are ideal places to live and the ultimate destinations to visit. As the world cautiously and safely reopens this summer, we’re envisioning 2021 as the year of weekend getaways, perfect for Michiganders looking to rediscover both their hometowns and regional attractions with a renewed interest and joy. That interstate and intrastate tourism is an economic boon for northern Michigan specifically; if numbers and charts don’t impress, simply take a look at northbound lanes on US-131 and I-75 on any given Friday afternoon. 

Over the past decade, we’ve seen thousands of breweries popping up across the state that have served to entice and anchor communities. Short’s Brewing’s pub in Bellaire, paired with Glacial Hills Trails, has reshaped the village and turned a sleepy town into a thriving summer destination. Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville, Stormcloud Brewing in Frankfort, and countless others have combined great beer, a close-knit community, and the natural beauty of the area to lure tourists and their dollars to new places and new experiences. 

In the next decade, we’re making the not-so-bold prediction that cannabis retailers will add to this trend. In many ways, cannabis’s growth mirrors the early days of microbreweries, including its licensing, regulation, and, ultimately, the strong embrace of local communities for what they provide in both direct dollars and employment and what they contribute more broadly to attract tourists and general appeal. 

Our current locations are centered in forward-thinking and simply beautiful communities. Manistee’s downtown is one of the true gems in the region, and both Cadillac and Big Rapids shops offer travelers an extra reason to stop, stay, end explore both our retail locations and the rest these towns have to offer. We’re especially excited to open the doors on our Marquette store, joining Blackrocks and a number of other breweries that accentuate the outdoor recreation that has drawn people north in record-breaking numbers over the past several years. 

Cannabis tourism is just another ingredient in a proven recipe. As more communities embrace change, we can expect to see more retailers add to the rich experience that traveling and exploring Michigan already provides to millions of individuals and families each and every year.

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