A Change In Season


As summer gives way to fall, we inevitably embrace the slower pace of life and enjoy the vibrant season changes we are so lucky to have in our backyards. Visitors and locals alike can experience the season’s shift—from fall color routes to restaurant weeks to fishing tours, northern Michigan does not fail to deliver when it comes to the plethora of activities available.

Because autumn can feel like one of the shorter seasons, the time is now to take advantage of the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells Up North. Luckily, your northern Michigan cannabis outfitter, Dunegrass, has the lowdown on some of the most chill spots this fall! We highly recommend visiting our friendly grasstenders in-store for a warm welcome and knowledgeable service, but also to get the inside scoop on the best places to bike, fish, or dine in the area.

Already figured out the spots you want to visit? Check out our website for a quick and easy process to place a pick-up order while you’re on the go.

One spot we have been itching to tell you about happens to be right in the heart of downtown Cadillac: Roasted Cafe. Open every day but Sunday, the coffeeshop can be found at 115 N Mitchell Street. There, you will find a variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, and soon…alcoholic beverage options. (Visit their website for a full breakdown of their fresh menus at roasteccafe.co.)

Currently, the selection on the food menu caters to those looking for breakfast and/or lunch; however, we hear the menu and hours of operation will expand once the state has finalized the last details for alcoholic consumption. Until then, we suggest trying the dirty chai and walking downstairs for a pleasant surprise. (Spoiler: It’s the Cadillac Dunegrass location!)

Coffee or kayaking, beer or bike rides, northern Michigan has it all this season. Whatever your Up-North thing is, Dunegrass is here to hook you up with the essentials and direct you to all the local hot spots so you can make the most of fall.