Celebrating Croptober


Harvest season in the cannabis industry means Croptober has arrived! Michigan’s cannabis growers take the entire summer season growing and maintaining various strains to bring forth an abundance come fall.

During Croptober, local growers anticipate walking through those tall columns of trees to enjoy the fragrant terpenes during the flowering cycle just before cutting them to cure for your enjoyment. All those potent flowers have soaked up the summer sun to energize their trichomes that will give us all the elevation we will need throughout the winter months (and the holiday season).

After a few more weeks of critical curing and trimming, those high volumes of quality bud will hit the shelves of your nearest cannabis retailer.

So go ahead—plan those bonfires and get-togethers! Dunegrass will help you take them to the next level. Utilize delivery, curbside, or drive-thru options with some of our locations. Otherwise, join us in-store, where we can show you the freshly-harvested selections provided by our growing partners.

With the increase in inventory, typically Croptober also means a large variety of products to choose from. It’s a great time to connect with one of our budtenders to learn about something new, or to try out this year’s version of an old favorite.

Beyond that, we hope that this season you harvest gratitude, sharing, and camaraderie in your circle. We recommend you take some time to travel around our great state to explore the scenic fall views, trek the trails before snow falls, and try the wide array of botanicals that are being offered from the talented growers in the region.

Not sure where to start? Find locally grown cannabis, harvested at peak perfection, at your nearest Dunegrass Outfitter, and we can help you plan the trip.