Cream of the Crop


Last year, customers spent $25 billion on cannabis in the U.S. That means Americans spent more money on cannabis than milk. With crop worth up to $736 million in January of this year, cannabis ranks as Michigan’s third most lucrative cash crop behind corn and soybeans. As Michigan holds its title as being in the top three of the nation’s cannabis industry, it begs the question, who is buying all that cannabis?

Simply put, it’s you. Almost four years ago, when our state was the first in the Midwest to legalize cannabis, there was a limited selection in supply and a plethora of stigma. As the years have passed, not only has the selection significantly grown, but the stigmas have continued to be broken down.

We know that sentiment toward cannabis is changing thanks to community involvement and finding ways to serve our wide variety of customers. Whether we’re helping the soccer mom with her gummy selection for sleep aid, educating an elder on proper dosing, or hooking you up with the superb products Michigan has to offer, Dunegrass is committed to a carefully curated experience.

As we move into the slower-paced season of autumn, many folks are looking to indulge in next-level products and experiment with something out of their ordinary rotation. We have some recommendations you may want to inquire about on your next visit in the shop.

To bring some of the loudest flower grown in the state to your next circle, try Mi Loud Flower. (It’s all in the name!) Grown with masterful skill and extraordinary detail, this product offers high percentages of all the desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Expect a sticky breakdown, smack-you-in-the-face smell and taste, and of course, the magnificent experience that comes with it.

Want to take things up a notch? Try Cannabee Extracts, which are already rolled up for your enjoyment. Ask your grasstender about their infused pre-rolls, as different types of concentrated cannabis are infused into this joint—like diamonds and caviar of the THC variety—to make you feel like you’re in a higher society. Stop by your nearest Dunegrass location to learn more.