Disc Golf is trending at a higher latitude!

Disc golfers, like many avid sports enthusiasts, often plan their travels around their favorite pastimes. Disc golfing has grown rapidly in the last decade across the world, especially since the start of the pandemic with people seeking inexpensive outdoor recreation. Disc golf is easily approachable for those that have never played as the rules are easy to understand and you can play with as little as one disc.

Michigan currently ranks as the 3rd best disc golf state in the United States, with 504 courses and 175 leagues. Disc golfers regularly travel to neighboring communities, as courses vary greatly, and these frequent visits have helped instill a deep rooted cultural tourism shift.

Annual weekend long events can bring growth to local economies through sponsorships, charitable donations (which are a staple of many events) and bringing in additional tourism dollars. Communities around the world are finding immense success through integrating disc golfing courses to existing parks and underutilized plots of land. Northern Michigan’s varied terrain makes it an ideal location for Championship level layouts. Courses are easy and inexpensive to install and can bring new life to communities both large and small.

Discing incorporates tournaments throughout all seasons, and these big events are an incentive for out-of-town discers, fans and family to come to our neck of the woods. Many legacy tournaments have been in operation for years, and have a dedicated base that returns every year. Tournaments often bring in hundreds of people also looking to try local fare and shopping. Our great lakes state is the perfect setting for incorporating these desired forested courses around our unique local restaurants, boutiques and yes…Cannabis dispensaries!

A sense of camaraderie can be felt throughout the community when disc golfers unite, much like the cannabis industry in its early days. Local groups and leagues, like Aloft, are established with the intention of playing together, increasing their skills as individual players, and making new pals along the way. Installing disc golf courses in our local areas and supporting local players, while also encouraging partnerships between clubs and businesses, is how Dunegrass invests in the well-being and growth of our communities.

Whatever your Up-North thing is, we are here to hook you up with the essentials and direct you to all the local hot spots. To find out where you can toss some discs, check out your north Michigan’s Cannabis Outfitter website https://dunegrass.co/.