Elevated Vacation Rentals


Canna-tourism is a $26 billion industry that is growing fast here in Michigan’s Higher Latitude, and visitors looking for cannabis-friendly rentals will be stoked to learn there has been an increase in available reservations in our state. As the laws around recreational use have changed, so have property owners’ decisions on whether a rental should be 420-friendly.

Hotel chains don’t offer cannabis-friendly lodging, which opens a significant opportunity for local operators. In some cases, rental property owners are even able to charge a premium for 420-friendly rentals. Most owners who are exploring changing up their rental will allow sparking up outdoors in the backyard or on a balcony, though some places feature a designated smoking area or room designed specifically for cannabis enthusiasts to consume safely.

Operations that have been cannabis-friendly for some time now have taken this opportunity further by offering activities like ​​video and board games or painting where visitors can enjoy a toke as they explore a new hobby.

In a 2021 survey from MiCHIGO’s Canna Tourism Report from 2021, the majority of adult travelers said they would likely participate in cannabis-related activities in states where cannabis is legal. Due to the low volume of consumption lounges and cannabis tours in our state, a rental with all the amenities seems like the perfect way to elevate your guests’ stay without any of the worry.

Did we spark your curiosity? Understandably, you may have several questions and concerns. Dunegrass offers full consultations at no cost, along with legal assistance for your peace of mind. Join the Dunegrass circle for help in the process of transitioning your rental into a canna-rental. Our Responsible Cannabis Guide has all the details and more, available on our website or by email at tourism@dunegrass.co.