Elevating The Magic of Autumn


Have you been interested in cannabis but feel hesitant about where to begin your journey? First, visit your local Dunegrass and chat with your grasstender about all the questions you’ve been waiting to ask! Second, understand that an increase in the variety of cannabis consumption types, other than smoking, is now more available than ever before in Michigan.
The most popular form of consumption would be to eat your THC. We don’t mean your typical brownie or gummy—we mean infused multi-course dinner experiences!

Ashe Lounge & Jacob’s Farm are presenting a farm-to-table cannabis dinner in Traverse City on Thursday, Sept. 28, from 5pm to 8pm. A mindfully curated experience, Camp Ashe at Jacob’s Farm celebrates local cannabis by inviting the cannacurious and cannasseurs alike to enjoy an evening of infusion together. The early evening event offers access to a relaxed, uplifting experience that only cannabis can provide in an unassuming, yet elevated atmosphere.

You’ll savor a four-course farm-to-table meal that can be enjoyed as is or infused based on your comfort level with cannabis. The event will also provide infused mocktails, a dessert bar, live music by local artist Allie Kessel, bonfires, s’mores, camp fun, and community. There will even be late-night festivities at a private residence nearby, with shuttle service available from the residence and campgrounds in the area so that you can relax and enjoy the ride. Scan the QR below for more details about this event, like what’s on the menu and how to save your seat at the table!

Leading with collaboration and community, while taking risks and making an impact, is how Ashe Lounge created space for women to convene, connect, collaborate, and consume freely. By supporting consumption events like this one, we at Dunegrass can uplift the awareness that consumers are looking for safe spaces to engage with plant medicine and the need for these spaces within our communities.

Enjoy a side of cannabis culture that not only is on the rise but also creates a new conversation about the potential our cannabis communities have!