Getaway Guide


This year, getting away will be a bit greener. Although we live in a time of constant change, a lot of us are still finding safe ways to travel. This may mean to drive rather than fly or visit an outdoor art park as opposed to an amusement park. Whatever the compromise may be, some would agree there is one thing that isn’t to be compromised…their ability to consume cannabis during their getaway.

Cannabis tourism is infusing the larger tourism industry with some innovative pursuits. The desire to go to places where cannabis is legal to purchase and legal to enjoy is now becoming more obtainable. Cannabis is psychoactive, experiential, and sensory-driven, thus providing a memorable trip. It’s often used as a tool for enhancing experiences, amplifying the senses, promoting creativity, promoting intimacy, and stimulating appetite. Dispensary hopping on a rented tour bus may be on the agenda, but sitting at the top of the dunes after enjoying a gummy to enhance the experience may also get added to the itinerary. The West Michigan Tourist Association is a great source of information for not only locations of state licensed cannabis retail shops, but a fantastic source for all traveling needs in our area.

It is more likely for a person to float out of their comfort zone when traveling. Getaways may facilitate a first-time cannabis experience for many people. Since cannabis travelers cut across all genders, age ranges, and income levels, various product categories within the market are available for the picking. Check out the 2021 Cannabis Tourism Report on the MiCHIGO website for more statistics and studies revolving around Cannatourism.

Unfortunately, the stigma still lingers in the air from the days of prohibition. The fact is many travelers to our state might live in places where this is still the case. The illegal status at the federal level still makes people nervous. The question remains about where chill seekers and tourists can consume the product they have purchased. While Michigan is a recreational state, this does not mean you can consume freely in public. So, before lighting up at the park, realize consumption has to be in private. This should not allow you to fear possessing any legally purchased products you have with you during traveling.

As Michigan adds more facilities and businesses to it’s list of adult-use consumption sites, we will see an increase in our state’s availability of canna-friendly lodging, consumption lounges, and other places for visitors to partake in a safe manner. Changing cannabis policies bring the opportunity to not only roll cannabis into an already existent tourism experience, but to light a path on fire for cannabis tourism in its own regard.