Going Green on St. Patrick’s Day


You don’t need the luck of the Irish to have a great time this year. Dunegrass Co. can enhance your plans this holiday, whether you have a party invite or you’re keeping it low-key by chilling at home. Best of all, our newest delivery service in Beulah—which reaches to the west side of Traverse City—will help you keep the good times rollin’ without leaving the house.

These days, green beers and the infamous “Kiss me, I’m Irish” T-shirts are a thing of the past—all you need is a little bit of weed for a great time. Experienced cannabis users can smoke a pot o’ gold-en bud from the wide selection of flowers provided on our menu. If you’re not a smoker or are just beginning your cannabis quest, we recommend eating the rainbow with an infused gummy. Low and slow is the way to go when consuming edibles, and you’ll get to enjoy the night without ever having to stand in line to get a drink.

Although St. Patrick’s Day is known as a day dedicated to drinking, people are more willing now than ever to try alternatives to alcohol. Another great way to skip the booze is to add dissolvable THC drink enhancers to your favorite non-alcoholic beverages. These drink enhancers will have you dancing in a matter of minutes with no chance of a hangover. And speaking of the dreaded next-day headache, research has found cannabis to help with symptoms of a hangover, so taking precautionary measures by having a few wake ‘n’ bake joints on hand can’t hurt!

We all know impaired driving increases on St. Patrick’s Day, and Dunegrass hopes to help change that by bringing the fun to you with several delivery options available across northern Michigan. (Just make sure all cannabis users at your house have arranged a safe ride home!) Visit dunegrass.co to learn more about delivery and pick out everything you need for your party, relaxing night in, or a hangover helper. We’ll take care of the rest.