Make The Season Bright


The holiday season is upon us, and this time of year can often bring a combination of celebration and stress. Leave it to us here at Dunegrass Co. to equip you with the tools to have a more joyful, relaxing time during the holidays.

The increase in consumption during the holidays is a common response for some to tamper down the stress. As stewards of setting a standard for what a modern cannabis user is, we want you to feel a sense of comfort when inviting Mary Jane to your holidays with our Responsible Cannabis Guide, found on our website.

Whether you want to add some extra holiday cheer with friends or unwind after a longer-than-anticipated family event, cannabis can help. Here are a few additional tips for making the holidays merry and bright.

Sharing is caring. Be the life of the party and bring enough for everyone. With incredible deals at this time of year, chances are you will find the bhang for your buck. Green Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, kicks off one of the largest holidays in the cannabis industry. Plan ahead by keeping an eye on our socials and website for deals, doorbusters, and vendor days. (P.S. While on our website, be sure to add yourself to our text club, where you can receive exclusive discounts at your favorite Dunegrass location.)

Know your cannabis etiquette. As we meet up with friends and family for the holidays, we will inevitably be around someone who does not accept cannabis. Avoid confrontations by being discreet with a variety of different products held in our shops. Choose some classic options like gummies or chocolates, or try something new like infused honey, teas, or dissolvable Lift Strips. Save the dank stuff for later, when those guests have left!

Make loving memories. Although the holidays can provide stress in one way or another, remember this is a time to celebrate and spread joy. Involving cannabis to form deeper connections with loved ones can make for special memories.