New Year – New You


It’s a new year, and instead of aiming sky high, we say reel it in and have some fun along the way. Most importantly, stay mindful and in the moment. Allow yourself to not reside too much into the past, nor fixate too much on what’s yet to come. Balance those reflections for observance in the now. Afterall, you are currently making your past memories right now, why not enjoy making them? Easier said than done, huh? So how to keep the drive to keep pushing forward if our new goal isn’t panning out already?

Firstly, let’s examine your goal. Are there simple, achievable steps you can take to reach the end result you’re looking for? My neighbor set a goal to write a book last year. Occasionally, I’d check in with him to see how it was going.

Alas, there isn’t a book by my neighbor on your local bookstore shelf. He hit the realities of time and life. Try setting goals you know are achievable. If you’re writing a book, try scheduling time for yourself weekly to write in a quiet space. Or just tackle one chapter. Then another.

Secondly, think about the bigger picture: not the aspirational and unobtainable new you, but the realistic and evolving you. We live in an acronym world these days, so try to remember S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Timely. This acronym incorporates your efforts to focus and increase the chances you achieve your goal. If we collapse after each setback, our goals will never be obtained.

Lastly, wanting to learn a new language, weight loss, or writing a book can be great goals. But what if we try something different this year? Attempt to set more mental health-friendly goals. Maybe clarity will help drive us all to keep persevering in other ways. Be consistent in speaking nicely to yourself and treat yourself with respect. Great things begin from within, and a positive outlook for ourselves may attract more positivity into our lives. Take this a step further if you dare, and compliment a stranger in passing. Maybe your remark could help them jumpstart some positive thinking for themselves.

Although there are no fresh starts in real life, you can surely reflect on the slow improvements that keep you on the road to success. Enjoy the ride that life is, rather than focusing on the bumps in the road.