Northern Michigan Women


There is something about the women in northern Michigan that is undeniable: their resilience. It is in their ability to recognize when some nature therapy is needed. Nestled in the pines, on a small berry farm in northern Michigan, sits a quiet healing oasis, a women’s wellness retreat center with a lake view, one that has more to offer than a breath of fresh air.

Meet Anna Oliveira, an alternative pain management specialist and owner of Zenergy HQ in Gaylord. It is through personal and professional experiences that Anna found a way to improve the quality of her life and the lives of her clients. When a unique getaway is tailored to your needs, escaping to the northern woods is not only easy; it is necessary.

Perhaps attending a class for hands-on herbal medicine making or yoga for pain management interests you? Education for clients or healthcare professionals is available for anyone curious about how to implement cannabis or CBD into their pain management practices.

An increasing number of women in our state are opening their minds to understanding the advantages of cannabis use in their lives. The first of its kind, Zenergy HQ, grants the ability for all women to give themselves a chance to truly unwind. Guests can discover healthy cooking, organic gardening, and homesteading, all offered in single-day workshops throughout the year. A variety of massage styles and wellness plans are available to customize treatments based on individual health conditions and wellness goals.

Stay for the day or for a week. If you’re looking for a pampering treatment or a more focused therapeutic experience, eliminating frustration and the feelings of overwhelm is the goal during your visit. It is in these moments given to yourself that you’ll find your ability to be resilient. To learn more, contact Anna, 989.350.6646