Silver Screens And Golden Beaches


The heat of summer brings many people to northern Michigan. Some visit for the music and events, others for the beaches and trails, and still others for golf and watersports. But one thing is for sure: The Traverse City Film Festival (TCFF) is not to be missed.

Film festivals have been making their comeback this year, and TCFF is one of them. Many artists in the film industry had their creative lives turned upside down at the start of the pandemic, with movies put on hold, canceled, or seen by only a fraction of their usual audiences. Nothing can replace the experience of a film festival, where hundreds of cinephiles gather to celebrate all the magic that goes into each shot, line of dialogue, and swell of music.

Since its inception, TCFF has been an outlet for independent artists, major movie stars, and classic films alike. This year, from July 26-31, you can enjoy never-before-seen movies alongside some of your favorites. There’s also a category called “Missed Masterpieces” for films made just before and in the early days of the pandemic that didn’t get the attention they deserved.

This event is great for anyone and everyone who loves supporting artists, wants to be involved in the community, or just strives to watch well-made films. Filmmakers, writers, and celebrities will be making appearances—in person or virtually—throughout the week, so you’ll get an extra dose of star power as a bonus during the event.

Now, we haven’t forgotten that the last week of July is also a gorgeous time to explore northern Michigan. The summer days are long and sunny, the lake waters have finally warmed up, and the trails are just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re sticking close to Traverse City for the film festival, or you have a whole day open before catching an evening flick, Dunegrass always has you covered. We aren’t just your cannabis retailer—we are your travel guide as well. Our new website has exclusive access to the hottest spots for adventure and good times in the Mitten State.

So if the toasty weather keeps you by the lake’s shore all day, never fear: You can have it all. The film festival runs for a full six days, and there’s plenty of time between showings to find your new favorite spot Up North. Dip your toes into something new, experience nature and the city all in one, and enjoy every part of what makes northern Michigan so special.