Spark of Creativity


When we were children, we all had fun finger painting and gluing things together. Using our imaginations and allowing our minds to wander into the fascinating world of creation were both second nature to us. And whatever we created, we were proud of it. The lack of self-criticism in children is what allows them to show off those scribbled, lopsided drawings with immense pride.

Now, as adults, our child-like sense of creativity has often disappeared, as has our certainty that we’re the best thing since Picasso.

But the ability to create art isn’t lost within us—we just tend to need a confidence boost. Fortunately, every Dunegrass location has the boost you’ve been needing!

You may remember that feeling of being in the zone as a child—that flow state where you were completely absorbed and focused on something. Your senses were heightened, there was no concept of time, and it was hard to become distracted. When we get lost in the flow of an activity, we start to feel the motivation and enthusiasm for that hobby or task grow.

We are never too experienced to learn new things that allow our childhood artist selves to come out. For some, cannabis has helped them open up their minds and get the creative juices flowing. But did you know that CBD—the non-psychoactive component in the cannabis plant that helps with anxiety, depression, and pain—can also help boost your creativity by increasing blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain? This can improve focus, allowing you to engage fully in that hard-to-reach flow state.

Go one step further and embrace curiosity by allowing yourself to try different product types, like a Lift Strip instead of your usual go-to gummy. Or perhaps it isn’t the product you need to switch up, but rather the strain type, like trying Sativa instead of Indica.

Allow your local grasstender to help you navigate onto a path of enjoying the process of making and creating again. Visit our website,, to learn more about different strains, products, and cannabinoids.