The Best Summer Yet


We’re heading into the summer months—a time that is often relaxing and busy in equal measure. On the one hand, we have long days at the beach, plenty of vitamin D, and a world full of green, growing things to enjoy. (Summer strawberries, anyone?) On the other hand, suddenly we’re hosting visitors from out of town every weekend, juggling out-of-school schedules for the kids, and still try to squeeze in work and chores and other parts of everyday life.

Everything in balance, right? As we reflected on all that is to come, one question kept coming back to our minds: How is cannabis helping us live better lives? Of course, many of us experience the traditionally relaxing effects of indica strains or the energy bursts often found from sativa strains. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A 2017 literature review by the National Academy of Science concluded that there was substantial evidence to support cannabis as an effective treatment for chronic pain, as a nausea aid, and as an appetite stimulant. They also acknowledged self-reports of patients finding relief from symptoms of multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder through cannabis use.

One of the compounds found within the cannabis plant are terpenes, which create flavors and smells and may have specific physiological effects. Several studies have reported that terpenes like beta-caryophyllene (black pepper) can have an anti-inflammatory and a calming effect. Myrcene (hops and lemongrass) has been reported to have a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect, while pinene (pine trees) may also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Users who specifically suffer from anxiety have reported success with using these terpenes. Limonene (citrus) has been reported to boost brain activity and mood levels, while linalool (lavender) has been reported to have calming and soothing effects. Users who specifically suffer from depression have self-reported that using uplifting terpenes like these has helped to ease symptoms.

Whichever way you slice it, the cannabis plant offers a wealth of wellness. Whether you want to have a better time knocking out chores before more guests arrive, take some time to reset and relax, or look for options to improve your wellbeing, Dunegrass has you covered.