The Local Touch


As lifetime residents of northern Michigan, the team at Dunegrass has a home-grown perspective on the Up-North experience. “A Higher Latitude” refers to northern Michigan’s unique sense of place as a destination that offers world class outdoor recreation against a stunning backdrop of lakes, forests, and rolling hills.

It’s important to us to preserve the natural beauty that makes our area so special, and that’s why we take sustainability issues seriously. Our supply chain focuses on select growers and processors in the region to supply quality products and strengthen our community impact.

We’ve even launched our own line of in-house products, Northern Grown, to highlight the local growers and processors we work with. Decide between premium grown buds, quality distillate balanced out with botanically-derived terpenes, or fully packed pre-rolls. These elevated experiences are offered exclusively at all Dunegrass locations.

Whenever we can, we work with our local cannabis partners, and when Northern Grown isn’t an option, we’ve zeroed in on the growers and processors downstate producing outstanding products while taking sustainability issues seriously.

Also launching this summer is our groundbreaking new product in the cannabis industry, Lift Strips. Lift Strips are cannabis-infused, quick-release dissolvables and are discretely concealable for a low-key approach to consumption. While activation may be quick (within 1-30 minutes), Lift Strips are a calorie-free alternative to your typical lineup of options. Debuting at the Michigan Cannabis Cup this year, Lift Strips will soon have more flavors and dosing choices available.

From our Northern Grown perspective, A Higher Latitude is best enjoyed responsibly with friends. Please read our Responsible Cannabis Guide, a guideline for safe cannabis use and respect for the people and places you visit.

Find the Responsible Cannabis Guide—and your nearest location and new locations to come, such as Interlochen — on our award-winning website, With six local shops and counting, Dunegrass strives to be your cannabis outfitter, delivering A Higher Latitude for whatever northern Michigan adventure awaits you.