Valentine’s Day / Restaurant Issue


The perfect way to enjoy the remainder of this winter season: Enjoy a meal at the most cozy eatery around — your own home. (If the pressure of preparing a special meal for friends and family stresses you out, take advantage of the pandemic’s silver lining. The option to order outstanding takeout that travels well is now available at most any restaurant now!)

However, if you’re ready to wow your guests with a dish of your own making, consider taking that tried-and-true meal to the next level by cooking with infused cannabis oil.

You don’t need to be a deft chef to cook up a batch for yourself. Using a base of coconut oil, olive oil, or even butter, you can infuse a number of fatty oils with cannabis flower or, even easier, a flower concentrate or CBD oil — all of which are available from Dunegrass — at home.

A multitude of recipes are available online, and your Dunegrass budtender can help you find one that suits your taste and skills, as well as advise you on safe dosing according to the product and its use.

Perhaps you’d want to serve up a spoonful in your salad dressing or for dipping with some fresh-baked bread. Many of our customers enjoy a small dose of THC-infused coconut oil in their morning coffee; maybe your guests would like to try it with their post-meal Joe?

If you’d prefer not to add the task of infusing oil to your recipe prep, you’re not without options. Passing around a small tray with a variety of purchased edibles (say, cinnamon “mints” as a palate cleanser, chocolate-covered espresso beans, or berry-flavored gummies) makes for an easy and delicious between-course option for guests. Or, for dessert, split a dosed chocolate bar into individual pieces and serve on a tray with a mix of fruit or pastries; a single chocolate piece as the proverbial “cherry on top” of a dish of ice cream looks and tastes lovely, too.

As always with edible or oils infused with THC or CBD, start low and go slow. If you’ve infused your own, make certain you’ve done the correct conversions to calculate the dose of THC or CBD each serving contains. And finally, whether you’re adding an edible or infused oil to your meal, communicate clearly with guests to ensure they are fully aware of each dosing, so they don’t overindulge or drive home under the influence.