Voting Green


It’s here again: the midterm elections. Although these elections don’t get as much attention as a presidential race, midterm elections have influenced national politics and predicted major turning points in U.S. political history. Here in northern Michigan, we’re keeping our eyes on the cannabis ballot initiatives in Frankfort, Petosky, and Green Lake.

Voters in Frankfort will decide whether they will allow one cannabis retailer in the city limits for the first time. This would not include approvals for growing, processing, or transporting businesses. Once a licensed retailer is approved, certain restrictions may put some community members at ease, such as prohibiting various types of exterior imagery and industry lingo that may be too suggestive. Regardless, the ballot for Frankfort is exciting, even with its limitations.

Petoskey voters will once again make a decision about cannabis—this time, if they will allow recreational cannabis within city limits. For a business to acquire a recreational license, it must already have a medical license. In 2020, residents voted to allow up to three medical facilities within the city, none of which are open yet. Since all three medical licenses have been distributed, the recreational proposal is not likely to bring in new business unless one decides to give up its license or the limit is increased from three.

Green Lake Township voters will weigh in on dismissing or allowing recreational cannabis retailers. The ordinance, if passed, would allow two recreational retailers to open shop in the area. It would also allow for three businesses each of recreational growers, processors, secure transporters, and safety compliance businesses to operate within the township.

Knowing what’s important to you and where you stand on certain issues may help in your decision on who and what to vote for. You can get more information about your ballot and the candidates and proposals by heading to or contacting your city clerk.

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